Tuesday, March 18, 2008


I've never specifically addressed this before on this blog, so I will do so now. I moderate my comments. I do this because a) it's my blog and I can, b) my mother reads it, and c) I'm particular about what type of language is used and prefer to keep this as G-rated as possible. I appreciate the opinions of others, and enjoy reading them. I know that we will not always agree, but part of what I enjoy about blogging is getting to read the insights/opinions of others and learning new perspectives.

That being said, there is a way to state your opinion that will result in my publishing it, and a way to state it that will result in my rejecting it. Comments that include profanity or references to adult topics when I'm blogging about something completely unrelated will not be published. Comments that make derogatory references to an entire group of people will also not be published.

I received a comment today on my post about the
video game. The writer said that he did not understand why I objected to the game. Fair enough. I realize that by many people's standards, my definition of what is inappropriate is extreme. However, this person went on to joke about a situation that he felt would justify concern on my part. Unfortunately, although unintentional, the humor of the comment came at the expense of an entire community of people, so I chose not to publish it. Maybe that was too extreme too. But it's my blog and, therefore, my call.

So there you have it. To those of you with the patience for my neurosis, thank you, and I look forward to reading your future comments.


Colleen said...

Good for you!!! Way to stick to your guns! This is your blog & you can maintain whatever standards you feel are appropriate!

Queen Goob said...

Good for you!!!! And as you said it's your blog so you can do what you want.

Gosh, we would have been terrors in the schoolyard sandbox together.....

Jillian said...

I have to agree. That's the beauty of your own space. You have the ultimate say in what goes on in it.

I believe when you visit someone else's home, you abide by their rules.

Right on.