Sunday, February 20, 2011

How Many Times Can YOU Move in a Year?

When I started this blog, I was updating daily. Then it went to weekly...then biweekly.

Now I'm down to biannually. :( For those of you who still read, my apologies. Life has gotten in the way of regular blog posts. I do enjoy blogging, and intend to keep up with it, even if posts are few and far between for the time being. I am hopeful that the frequency might change once life calms back down.

When I last posted, we were living in an apartment, desperately hoping to find a house before our lease expired at the end of September. We failed. We found another house we'd hoped to buy at the end of September, but again, it was a bank repo, and someone else beat us to it (although, again, it was still listed as available).

So our lease expired, and we packed up our stuff, and one of Ben's aunts was nice enough to take us in for a month. That was October. In November we moved across the yard and into Ben's dad's house, where we stayed for the next six weeks. Fortunately, during that time, we were able to find a house that we liked and was available! We closed and moved in December, almost six months to the day when we closed and sold our previous home.

And in those six months, we moved six times, alternating between the apartment and generous relatives who tolerated us temporarily invading their space. To those relatives, if you ever read this, a huge thank you. It is a wonderful blessing to have family who will take you in when your Plan A, B, and C living arrangements fail.

We have been in our new home for two months now, and we love it. It has a walk-in pantry, a whirlpool bath, formal dining room and a fireplace, all features I was hoping to find. Hubby loves the large three car garage and basement, which he's turned into his man-cave. The previous owners took good care of the house, so, while there are cosmetic changes we are making to suit our personal taste, there were no changes that absolutely had to be made if we had decided to pass on the house projects.

And I have pictures! Well, two. We still have stuff all over the place, so if you want to see more, you'll just have to come visit. I refuse to document for public posterity our current mess.

This room had the nastiest carpet in the house. So we gave it to our cats.

And our living room with the afore mentioned fireplace!