Monday, August 16, 2010


One of the perks of apartment living is shared laundry facilities. Based on the people I've seen floating around our apartment complex, I refuse to use the laundry facilities as it is quite probable that they are hotbeds of multiple germ and bug infestations. My mother-in-law has been nice enough to loan out her laundry facilities whenever we need them, so once every other week or so I bring two basket fulls of dirty laundry and camp out at her house for the 12 hours it takes to wash two weeks worth of laundry. Recently, on a non-laundry week, hubby asked me if I was planning on going to his mom's to do laundry. I said no, but that I would make a special trip if he really needed something. He was shooting a wedding that weekend, and needed a pair of dress pants washed, so on my day off I dragged my basket of laundry down to my mother-in-laws and did a load of laundry. He also requested I pick up some other items we are storing at her place. At 5:30PM, hubby called to tell me he was on his way home from work.

"Ok," I replied. "I am just now leaving your mom's."

"Oh," hubby says, his voice filled with surprise. "Did you do laundry today or something?"

Next time he needs an emergency load done, I'm just going to go buy him new clothes instead. It will be quicker.