Friday, January 18, 2008

Dude, Where's My Car?

Yesterday, my co-worker experienced some car difficulties. As in his key stopped working and he couldn't get into his car. He went to go open his door as he was leaving work, but his key would not fit into the lock. Since this was the same key he had used that morning to get himself to work, he tried again, this time carefully inserting it into the lock. No go. He walked over to the passenger door, and tried to unlock it. The key did not fit there either.

By this time, a guy on the second floor of our building (we'll call him Second Floor Guy) had noticed my co-worker fumbling around, and ran out to tell him about a funny thing Second Floor Guy and Second Floor Guy's coworkers had seen earlier in the day. They had noticed that a gentleman (we'll call him Einstein) had been trying to get into a car (presumably his own), but to no avail. Now, Second Floor Guy and his co-workers immediately noticed something that Einstein didn't that made the situation so funny. There were TWO cars, of similar makes/colors, parked right next to each other. One was my co-worker's, the other belonged to Einstein. However, somehow, shockingly, Einstein had failed to notice this, and assumed that my co-worker's car was his. He apparently tried for 15 MINUTES to get into my co-worker's car with his own key, first trying the lock on the driver's side door, and then on the passenger side door, before realizing that IT WASN'T HIS CAR. Now, I admit, I have, on occasion, walked toward a car in the parking lot that I *thought* was mine, but really was just the same make/color. But there is always something that alerts me to my mistake before I actually attempt to get in the car, like, oh, you know, a license plate? But apparently Einstein didn't bother to look at or into my co-worker's car for any identifying objects. He did, however, through trying to force the locks for 15 minutes, damage them bad enough so that they had stopped working by the time my co-worker was ready to go home. Of course, Einstein didn't leave a note or check to see if he had done any damage once he did manage to pull his head out of his posterior and realize his mistake. He just got in his car and left.

My co-worker was able to fix the locks himself without having to pay an arm and a leg. But it just goes to show you that nothing is safe from idiots.


Holly said...

OK-so, once I actually got INTO a car that wasn't mine before realizing my mistake. Does that make me crazy? It was the same color/yr/model---and it was unlocked! Kale & I had a good laugh about that one-

Mrs. R said...

Haha!! That's funny. :) But I don't think that makes you crazy. I have confidence that if the car hadn't been unlocked, you would have realized your mistake before spending 15 minutes trying to get into it...