Wednesday, April 23, 2008

What Did You Do For Earth Day?

Some people plant trees in honor of Earth Day. Some people teach their children easy ways to be environmentally conscious. What did my husband do?

"I didn't fart as much."

I'm so proud.


Queen Goob said...

Gee Thanks, Mr. R, now I gotta say I did nothin'.

Jeff said...

Ah, a noble steward of the planet. Please thank him for me. ;-)

Jillian said...

"I didn't fart much" is a GREAT contribution!

Honestly, that's about what I did.

Colleen said...

If only my husband could make that contribution to the Earth. On Earth Day I bought watering cans for my kids to water our plants. When I got home & started taking the price tags off of the watering cans, I realized that they are made of recycled plastic. I guess that's a little bit Earth conscious.

Mrs. R said...

Queen: Nothing would almost be better...

Jeff: Will do.

Jillian: Yes, actually, even though I made fun of it, I AM glad he didn't fart as much...if only every day could be Earth Day!

Colleen: Not only are the recycled watering cans environmentally conscious, but caring for plants is too. :)