Sunday, November 30, 2008

How Did You Spend Your Thanksgiving Holiday?

It finally happened.

I still can't quite believe it.

I tried to avoid it.

I came up with every stall tactic I could think of:

"You already bought an old one that you are supposed to be fixing up and it's been sitting on our driveway for three years."

"But I want to go back to grad school, and higher education trumps horsepower."

"Let's go to Europe this year and we can revisit this topic next year, okay?"

When those ran out, I started with the excuses:

"We don't need it."

"We can't afford it."

"You will kill yourself."

The stall tactics and excuses lasted for five years. And then Friday, something happened.

I ran out. Completely drew a blank. Had nothing else left to say.

And that is how this happened:

Yes, my friends, that is now sitting in our garage. It is Hubby's Christmas gift. For the next 50 years. And that is how we spent the day after Thanksgiving. Economy, you are welcome.

Happy Belated Thanksgiving to everyone.


just bob said...

Nice choice. Thanks for bailing out Ford!

Laura said...

Awesome car!
What can I say, my friend? Just enjoy it.

Colleen said...

That's what happens when you run out of excuses - YIKES! I'd better start making a list of future excuses; my husband dreams of a motorcycle & I don't want him to get one. I bet you guys are having fun driving around in style! Rev the engine for me!

VE said...

Well at least it is a cool car!

And now I need you to swing by my blog to do your duty in VE's time of need! Gnomes' lives hang in the balance...

Carolee said...

Very nice!! Your right, our economy needed that boost! Good thing you made such a big purchase because I stayed home and didn't spend any money. I feel better knowing you spent enough for the both of us:)

:corinne: said...

WhoooHooo look at that smooth ride! Sweeeet! Have fun ridin...and by the way love your new blog look.

Queen Goob said...

So I really love YOUR Christmas present, what did the hubby get?????

Sorry, if you notice I haven't been around much lately and I did NOT forget you tagged me.