Monday, June 22, 2009

Not Any More He Doesn't

Recently Hubby and I were watching The Amazing Race, and I mentioned how that would be the only reality show I would ever consider doing. You essentially have a trip around the world paid for, and, if you do it right, you could win one million dollars just for traveling. A guaranteed travel opportunity and a chance to win one million dollars? Where do I sign up?

But Hubby was all about Fear Factor. Do you remember that show? Contestants were given outrageous challenges, and the one left standing at the end won the monetary prize. Each episode of Fear Factor included at least one challenge where contestants had to eat something disgusting like live spiders or pig's blood or something.

I told Hubby I could never, ever, EVER do that show because of the eating challenges. And then I asked him if he seriously thought he could stomach some of those things. And do you know what my darling husband said to me then?

"Why not? I eat your cooking."



Laura said...


Colleen said...

He was joking right? I guess it'll be a while before he gets a home-cooked meal from you. Maybe you should fix him a Fear Factor style dinner, just for laughs.

Mrs. R said...

Laura: Yes, I said the same thing.

Colleen: I LOVE your suggestion!