Friday, January 11, 2008

On Second Thought...

After reading about this couple, maybe Brittney Spears' marriage wasn't as big of a disaster as we all thought?

Someone asked about the inspiration behind the selected url of this blog. It isn't to honor any Jewish ancestry (most of you know I have none), but rather was selected as a tribute to all those moments in life (or people we encounter) that make us slap our hand against our forehead as we are shaking our head in disbelief. (I have a lot of those moments, as you will come to find out.) One of my goals for this blog was to write about these things in a way that made others, and consequently myself, laugh about these little occurrences, which are ultimately so insignificant, thereby serving as a reminder of all that we actually have to be grateful for. After all, is getting cut off on the freeway really such a big deal when we could wake up one day and discover we've inadvertently married our long lost twin?

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Kadi said...

Thanks for the pants wetting laugh, this morning. Whoever you are, you're good at this blogging thing! Keep it up! ~Kadi
BTW: The word verification that I'm supposed to type in below, is "hooka"...I don't know whether to be amused or offended!