Friday, February 8, 2008

Best. Diet. Ever.

I'll admit it. I was the stick thin girl in high school that everyone thought was anorexic who now gets asked by strangers when the fat around my middle that they mistake for a baby is due. Most of the weight gain is due to the pill, although I would be lying if I denied that my steady diet of sugar and fried foods and complete apathy toward exercise weren't also factors. I've been trying for years to lose 15 pounds, but since I refuse to give up chocolate candy, chocolate candy bars, chocolate cake, chocolate donuts, hot fudge, brownies and anything Coldstone, I haven't been real successful.

And then I watched this video yesterday. I think these reporters at CBS 11 successfully cured my lifelong chocolate addiction in under five minutes! A warning: this video isn't for the squeamish. But for those of you serious about shedding a few pounds, we might be on to something here! Every time I am craving chocolate from now on, I am just going to watch this video instead! It uses sheer repulsion to abate hunger pangs (or chocolate cravings). It is amazing how effective it is. I haven't wanted chocolate for an entire day and counting after just watching this video once. At this rate, I'll be back down to a size 4 in no time!

Lab Tests Reveal More Than Just Sweets in Candy


Carolee said...

For some reason my computer is not letting me open up the link but I need to watch it!! I just opened a box of Junior Mints with the intention of eating just a few and the box is half gone, oops:)

Jillian said...

Interesting video. Although it didn't put me off of chocolate.

I'd be interested to see them do that kind of study on anything else we eat: cereal, yogurt, crackers, etc.

I think you'd find much of the same in all that stuff.

In these factories, a lot of the stuff sits in open vats as its processed and made into the products we buy, so I think it would be impossible to protect against the kind of stuff they found.

The cat hair is kind of funny, though.

Mrs. R said...

Carolee, sorry you couldn't open the link. The video basically says that the reporters found insect parts and other foreign debris in name brand chocolates.

And Jillian, I was thinking the same thing. I wonder what the results would look like if they tested other products? And I agree that there's probably no way to avoid this...I still find it disgusting though. :)

MadMad said...

I'm too scared to look...