Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Has This Ever Happened To You?

I innocently was visiting the Web site of one our our realtors today, in the hopes of finding a current e-mail address for him--at least, I thought I was visiting his Web site. I apparently made a small typo when entering his Web site address (His address? MinnesotaSrealtor.com), and boy was I surprised when a porn site popped up. For those of you who have ever mistakenly found yourself on a porn site on a company computer, you know that my immediate reaction was something along the lines of "OHMYGOSHMUSTGETTHISOFFCOMPUTERBEFOREBOSSWALKSINAND
SEESIT" followed by an immediate state of shock wherein your brain says "MUSTCLOSEWINDOWNOWNOW
NOWNOWNOW," but rather than listen to your brain, your body instead decides to fall over backwards out of the chair, and as you attempt to pull yourself up off the floor, you only succeed in knocking over all of the office supplies you keep on your desk as you wildly grab at the air in your hasty, desperate attempts to find the mouse and SHUT THE WINDOW. As your boss walks in to see what all the commotion is about, you decide your only option at this point is to madly pretend to be searching for a very, very, very important document amongst all the papers that are now strewn across your desk, because if your boss is watching you franticly search for something, surely he won't be looking at your computer screen? Right? Rrrriiiiiiiigght.

Just as you are thinking this, you realize that there is something worse than your boss seeing porn on your computer. Much, much worse. Your boss glances in the direction of your computer screen, but then DOESN'T SAY ANYTHING. Did he not see the porn? Or did he see it and DIDN'T SAY ANYTHING and will forever from this point on think of you as the employee who looks at porn on company time? You will spend the next two months trying to figure out what he did or did not see, during which time you will not be able to make eye contact with your boss and will blush every time the two of you are face to face.

Of course, now that the worst has happened and you think your boss did, indeed, see what was on your screen (or did he?), your brain and body figure out how to communicate again, and you successfully close the window.

And then when it is all over, and you have finally managed to banish the "adult oriented content" from your monitor, you wonder who decides to launch a porn site related to Minnesota realty? My small typo that I mentioned earlier? I left out one letter in that address. One. What intelligence-depraved pervert buys a domain name that would lead a normal person to believe they're visiting a site about real estate in Minnesota and fills it with pornographic content instead?


Jillian said...

LOL... this has happened to me, but I was lucky enough to be home!
Also, I wonder if the boss saw anything, too. Are you going to just ask? But then maybe that would make the situation worse. What if you're not allowed to even use the 'net for personal stuff? Was it personal? Ahh well...

Mrs. R said...

Jillian--I am never ever ever going to mention it again and hope it all just goes away...